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Okay, let me introduce myself first: I'm ~randomlyinspired-21, a contributor to :icondawritersunite: and :icongreedybee: and I thought about making a prompt contest just to elevate the group a bit. :)


What makes you cry on the inside or makes you feel like something's shattered deep in that heart of yours? Is it unrequited love? A voice that can't be heard? A war inside you that just makes you bend and break? Your conscience torn to pieces after hearing the song of the sea without a conch shell, saltwater in your lips?

To cut things short, our first prompt contest theme is: Broken. What comes in your mind when you say 'Broken'? It doesn't have to be love or any of the other things I mentioned above (though you can use those if you wish). Be creative, think out-of-the-box, do whatever makes you crazy and happy at the same time! :)

:bulletblue: You have to be a member to join
:bulletblue: Entries can be poetry or prose.

:bulletblack: For poetry, there won't be a line limit or a stanza limit or any other what-nots: we understand the outlet for artistic expression in a poem so you're free with poetry.
:bulletblack: For prose, it has to be a maximum of 1500 words (MS Word can help with this, trust me :)). It will be hard for us to judge the piece consuming time and not be able to read the rest of the entries, so keep it short and simple. :)

:bulletblue: It has to be related to the word 'Broken'
:bulletblue: Mature content should have the proper content filter. There are kids in this group so please.
:bulletblue: No bashing of other contestants (failure to oblige to this will result in either a disqualification or a ban from the group)
:bulletblue: Enter them into the correct folder - (The "Broken" contest 2012 folder) otherwise it will not be counted as an entry.

Due date is on: December 23. (almost 2 weeks :)) - if you want to compromise the date please send me :icongreedybee: a note!! :D

Prizes in store are:

1st place:
:bulletblack: 20:iconpointsplz: from ~randomlyinspired-21 (Me.)
:bulletblack: A feature in the group
:bulletblack: A feature from ~randomlyinspired-21 (me.)
:bulletblack: A llama badge; and
:bulletblack: 10+ :+fav: from your gallery

2nd place:
:bulletblack: 10:iconpointsplz: from ~randomlyinspired-21 (Me.)
:bulletblack: A feature in the group
:bulletblack: A feature from ~randomlyinspired-21 (me.); and
:bulletblack: 5+ :+fav: from your gallery

3rd place:
:bulletblack: 6:iconpointsplz: from ~randomlyinspired-21 (Me.)
:bulletblack: A feature in the group
:bulletblack: A feature from ~randomlyinspired-21 (me.); and
:bulletblack: A llama badge

Prize donations are more than accepted :hug:

Good luck to everyone! :)
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pjohootkc Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
How many entries are you allowed to submit?
Greedybee Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student Writer
Hmm well I'd say max two, but double check with the other person mentioned in the blog ; the creator of the contest :3
pjohootkc Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:) Thanks. And, um, the folder for the contest is closed. It doesn't show up on the "Submit to a group".
Greedybee Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Student Writer
Oh really?! Sorry about that I'll fix it now!!
pjohootkc Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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December 13, 2012


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